It doesn’t matter where you live,there is no escaping those pesky insects we call ants.
Over 12,000 species inhabit the earth,some harmless,whilst others can harbor disease
and be dangerous to our health and in some cases have been known to cause serious
injury and occasionally death.
Ants In The HouseAnts like most insects are not fussy eaters and most of the
time feed on insects and plant material for food.Then again
some species are drawn to greasy and sugary foods and this
is when they can invade human space and enter your house.
Ants live in colonies of millions,ruled by the
queen bee and
the workers full life span which is only a matter of days is
dictated by the addiction of food gathering.
Vast armies will
travel miles a day foraging for anything eatable and if their
efforts outdoors come up zero,then they will enter peoples homes by way of small cracks
around pipes,window frames,door frames and foundations.

Ant control can be difficult as they can adapt to any environment very quickly and their
instincts for survival depend on their huge numbers.Once a few ants enter your home,no
how clean it is,it is ant paradise.Why?

Once a “raiding party” of a few ants find food in your kitchen or dining room,they will
signal the rest of the army to come join them by way of releasing chemical signals called
pheromones,which will lead the other hundreds or thousands of their friends directly to
your kitchen.

Pheromones are not only used for communication,also for self defense.Fire Ants the
brown red colored species,so named for their very painful sting,send panic/alarm signals
by way of pheromones that alert mates in the nest to defend and attack their colony by
performing multiple stings to approaching insects,nesting chicks on the ground and any
wildlife.Fire ants are native to South America and arrived in the United States in cars,trucks
between South and North America.They are a national enemy and can cause human death if
a human is allergic to their complex toxins in their sting’s poison.

Other species of ants that can disrupt your home and health are,Pharoah Ants that spread
disease and and contaminate food supplies.Carpenter Ants build their nests in wood by way
of tunnelling,which can cause framework damage to your home.

Here are some helpful tips for keeping ants outside of the home:

After meals and snacks clean up all food scraps and drink residue.
Keep all kitchen benches and food preparation areas clean and crumb free.
Thoroughly clean out all empty drink cans in water to eliminate sweetness,prior to recycling.
Use sealed containers to store food.
Vacuum home every other day to keep ground services free of crumbs.
Tidy up after your pets meal times,and don’t leave pet food outdoors overnight.